SLO Software to Get Ahead of Incidents

Incidents are inevitable, but they don’t need to be disasters. Get ahead of customer unhappiness by measuring impact with SLOs and balancing your error budget, all in our SLO manager!
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Keep customers happy
Monitor SLOs to stay ahead of critical failures

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) track the health of your users’ experiences. How much do incidents prevent them from doing what they want? Before they become unhappy, use SLO policies to shift gears and reduce incidents
Learn more about Blameless’s SLO manager!

Metrics to measure the journey
Define and track SLIs to measure experience

Service Level Indicators, which SLOs measure, can be complex metrics that reflect what users expect when going through the steps of your service. Turn customer satisfaction into a number you can track!
See how user journeys build SLIs in this blog!

Manage error budgets
Put your foot on the gas with error budgets

When you’re far from breaching your SLO, that means it’s time to GO. You can experiment with ambitious feature development without worrying that you’re upsetting customers.
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Invest intelligently
Study and mitigate the most impactful incidents

Your SLOs show which incidents impact customers most. Don’t let them happen again! Dive in with Incident Retrospectives to figure out their causes and make systemic improvements.
Learn about Reliability Insights, our tool that puts the spotlight on the most impactful incidents.

Automate data capture
Use tagging to track what matters most

Every organization is unique, with unique priorities. Tagging incidents lets you track whatever matters: service area, integrated tools, customers affected, anything you need!
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Align the team
Get teams on the same page with reliability priorities

SLOs are a team sport. They’re a central metric that everyone can align on as a priority. When building new development projects, assess risk with SLOs!
We think reliability is a cross-team language. Learn more in this blog!