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Calculate exactly how much software outages are really costing you,

and what you’ll save with Blameless Incident Management. Try our ROI calculator and generate your incident ROI report today.
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Expected Savings with Blameless


The key to creating products customers love isn’t just avoiding major outages

It’s about giving your engineers more time to innovate

80% of an incidents impact is determined by the speed of your response. A clear, coordinated plan of attack focusing on these elements will get your team back to building and help you avoid the next major outage.
Rapid assembly of responders and domain experts
Give decisive direction then divide and conquer
Deliver effective communications to the right stakeholders at the right time
Leverage incident data to identify hotspots requiring engineering investment
Intervene at precisely the right time to protect customers

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Here’s how Blameless makes managing incidents easy

We combine chatops, playbook automation, retrospectives, incident analytics, and SLI/SLO in a single, open enterprise platform. Fully integrated with your engineering tool stack, so you can manage incident response from your chat app with Blameless automatically guiding you and recording data

Better, faster incident response

Blameless takes the low value toil out of your incident response. Declare an incident of any severity to activate a pre-built, fully customizable runbook. Recruit the right team members, capture information, and standardize the decision process making every incident less chaotic.
Service level objectives (SLOs)

Control the Flow of Communication

Blameless keeps your lines of communication clear and open. Rapidly spin up designated incident response channels and build custom, automated communication flows to keep all your stakeholders up to date.

Build a Blameless culture

Use Blameless to auto-populate incident data, write consistent reports, and share your learnings with others. The incident channels’ discussion, supported by customized questions and answers, is the foundation of each document. Easily share across your organization or store in your other tools like Jira or ServiceNow so your team can learn without pointing fingers.
Service level objectives (SLOs)

Get ahead of critical incidents

Monitor SLOs to stay ahead of critical failures. Define and track SLIs mapped to user journeys and expectations. Accelerate your pace of innovation without fear of upsetting customers by managing error budgets.

Reveal how to improve reliability

Automatically collect data from every incident, and track it across time. Trends become obvious, teaching you the effectiveness of your policies. Your biggest incidents require special attention. Blameless Reliability Insights will make them jump right off the charts. Then root out the causes and prevent recurrence with Incident Retrospective analysis
How it works

Plenty of diversity in this ecosystem!

Blameless connects the dots across your engineering tool stack. Fitting in alongside your favorite tools for monitoring, alerting, ticketing, messaging, and more
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Innovative engineering teams love Blameless

Customers First

Focus on critical journey paths and set the right service level objectives. Communicate accurately when incidents occur and change.

Smooth Operations

No context switching. Stay in your favorite tools with Blameless running in the background - catching all tasks, follow ups, and insights.

Reliability Day One

Detailed retrospectives inform everyone from devs to executives. Know your patterns and where to improve.
"I have less anxiety being on-call now. It’s great knowing comms, tasks, etc. are pre-configured in Blameless. Just the fact that I know there’s an automated process, roles are clear, I just need to follow the instructions and I’m covered. That’s very helpful."
Jean Clermont, Sr. Program Manager, Flatiron
"I love the Blameless product name. When you have an incident, "Blameless" serves as a great reminder to not blame anything or anyone (not even yourself) and just focus on the incident resolving itself."
Lili Cosic, Sr. Software Engineer, Hashicorp
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