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Introducing Swimlanes for Incident Resolution

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We’re excited to introduce Blameless Swimlanes - a feature that helps to minimize customer impact and enables faster incident resolution by allowing incident commanders to orchestrate parallel streams of investigations for complex incidents.

Blameless Swimlanes enable teams to:

  • Carry out focused investigations in separate channels and prevent noise in the primary incident channel.
  • Create and assign ad-hoc tasks to structure the investigation.
  • Maintain a bird’s eye view of all of the ongoing investigations for the incident team.

Get to resolution faster with focused investigations

Incidents can be quite complex with multiple teams involved at the start of an incident. Organize investigations into separate channels by adding a swimlane for each with an owner, a clear objective and defined timeline.

Structure investigations with ad-hoc tasks

With ad-hoc task creation, you can now create tasks while in an incident and assign them to a user or a role. This allows teams to stay on top of critical incident progress, by orchestrating workflows from within each swimlane.

Maintain a bird’s eye view of all ongoing investigations

Stay up to date on the status of each swimlane from a single place. Quickly ascertain which investigations are still ongoing and re-open swimlanes if new information arises which requires further examination.

To see Swimlanes in action, please schedule a demo.

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