Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

Prioritize customers as the foundation of your product and services reliability. Blameless walks you through the steps of tracking distinct user journeys, establishing clear SLIs, and determining error budgets and timeframes.
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Your End User Experience Is Top of Mind

Map an SLO to a single backend service or relate it to a distinct way your users interact with your offering. Define a service level indicator (SLI) by attaching it to a specific behavior such as clicking on a particular button or running a query. Track and manage your SLO progress over time, using SLO Manager in Blameless.
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Create New SLOs and Edit Existing Ones with Wizard Smart Forms

Blameless walks you through SLO management step-by-step, making your SLOs specific and actionable with specific configurations. Once finished, adjust and iterate on existing SLOs.
Watch our step-by-step tutorial on setting SLOs
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Proactively Manage Reliability with Error Budget Charts and Built-In Logic

Use Blameless predictive models to calculate risk levels by burn rate. Blameless shows timelines that track your error balance and alert you when it’s appropriate to examine at-risk services.
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