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To be the most trusted company for optimizing reliability of software and resilience of teams

OUR Values

Blameless is built on core values that we deeply care about and live by

Aim High

Build something that makes you proud

Team First

Support and challenge others in order to bring out their best


Seize every opportunity to make a difference


Be the person that others can count on


Be resilient in the face of adversity and ambiguity

Continuous Growth

Listen, learn, and adapt
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Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

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Blameless covers 99% of employee premiums and 75% of dependent premiums for medical, dental and vision insurance.

Life Insurance

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Blameless covers 100% of the premium for life insurance.


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Blameless offers both Roth and Traditional 401(k) options to all employees.

Parental Leave

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Blameless provides 12 weeks fully paid maternity leave and 6 weeks fully paid paternity leave to ensure our team has time to bond with their growing family.


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Along with 11 company-wide holidays, Blameless provides unlimited flexible paid time off.

Remote First Culture

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Our primary way of working is not based on an office location. We hire from and live in a lot of different places, allowing us to continually increase the diversity, experiences, and perspectives of our ever-expanding team–all while staying connected to each other and doing incredible work.

Culture and Connection

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We provide both team based and company wide events to ensure you always feel part of and close with the team, no matter where you are.

Hear from Our Employees

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I am so happy to be part of Blameless. This is my first time working on a site reliability engineering platform. I am feeling so empowered with the team work culture and collaboration here. With the support of this awesome team, I am very confident of my future career growth.
Rupali Dash, Senior Quality Engineer Blameless
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Of all the different products and offerings in the marketplace, for me, none has the vision that I know Blameless will achieve.
Afif Mohd-Amir, Site Reliabilty Engineer, Blameless
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What excited me about Blameless [when I first joined] still excites me today: an opportunity to make a lasting impression on the growth of Reliability Engineering and Operations that will help others do this work. I'm so grateful to be here contributing.
Matt Davis, Staff Infrastructure Engineer, Blameless
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I like working at Blameless because I’m able to collaborate cross-functionally. I also appreciate that my leaders care deeply about my growth. On top of that, it’s great to work alongside talented team members that also help me with career growth.
Crystal Mendes, Marketing Programs and Operations Manager, Blameless
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Blameless has created a company culture that drives collaboration and connection. After being here for a month and working fully remote, I felt comfortable reaching out to anyone for questions or support.
Kelly Lundt, Sales Development, Blameless
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As a Security GRC leader, I am always on the lookout for a unicorn product that will improve security and compliance controls. Blameless does more than meet the Incident Response requirement, it streamlines retrospectives and the risk management process, and makes it seamless for the SRE, and also for the GRC. I am very lucky to be part of this incredible journey with amazing leadership and team members.
Elaine Tan, Sr. Manager, Security GRC

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