Control the Flow of Incident Communication

No more context switching between writing formal updates and sending quick instant messages to your team. Incident response communication is faster with Blameless.
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Protect communication
Between the core incident response team

When an incident starts, Blameless opens a thread in your chat-app, dedicated to that incident. Your team can use bot commands or emoji reactions to assign roles, progress the incident forward, update the incident timeline, and more.
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Inform stakeholders
Keep managers and executives in the loop, with the right info, at the right time

Status reports are important but are a huge distraction to the engineers responding to an incident. Blameless allows you to pre-configure message templates and automatic triggers so that comms get shared with real-time data. You don’t need to stop what you’re doing to make sure internal stakeholders are keeping a pulse on your services.
See how CommsFlow™ helps each stakeholder group stay in the know easily.

Create visibility
Leverage tool integrations and shortcuts to update public status pages

Visit your Blameless CommsFlow™ settings to pre-save external status page messages, using formulas to update the status of your services with real-time data. Then use Blameless chatbot commands to publish your messages.
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Incident Communication Templates
Give customers peace of mind knowing that you have a handle on the situation

Customers are your VIP stakeholders. Pre-save message templates so that you don’t leave out anything important. Trigger an action in any system using webhooks that can be managed in the CommsFlow™ settings of Blameless.
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Work together
Organize incident communication by leveraging swimlanes

Often incidents are a result of more than just one contributing factor. This means you need to break down the investigation into multiple conversations. Blameless makes it easy to organize your thoughts and incident response communication by offering Swimlane capabilities with your dedicated Slack or Microsoft Teams channels.
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