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Make Incident Response Simple

Blameless takes the low value work out of your incident response. Declare an incident of any severity to activate a pre-built, fully customizable runbook. Recruit the right team members, capture information and standardize the decision process making every incident less chaotic.
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Frictionless Communication

Incident responders, customer support, executive leadership, even customers. Everyone plays a role in resolving an incident. What they need are clear status updates. Keep everyone updated and coordinated via status pages, Slack notifications or email updates.
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Manage Incidents From One Central Place

Declare using Slack, notify via PagerDuty, and track incident actions with Jira or ServiceNow all from a single location. Blameless connects the dots across all your tools, capturing critical data so you operate reliably.
Put Blameless incident management at the center of your engineering tech stack

Nothing Beats a Blameless Retrospective

Blameless captures all incident tracking, in real-time. No more manual cut and paste, nothing lost to posterity. Blameless empowers your team to retell the full story in retro meetings. Make the next incident run smoother than the last.
Blameless retrospectives are key to resilience
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Learn From Every Incident

Proactive incident management helps your team identify points of weakness and build more reliable offerings. Blameless automatically collects critical information for every incident that is surfaced in reliability insights analytics.. With rich reports, you you identify hot spots and know where to iterate and improve.
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"I have less anxiety being on-call now. It’s great knowing comms, tasks, etc. are pre-configured in Blameless. Just the fact that I know there’s an automated process, roles are clear, I just need to follow the instructions and I’m covered. That’s very helpful."
Jean Clermont, Sr. Program Manager, Flatiron
"I love the Blameless product name. When you have an incident, "Blameless" serves as a great reminder to not blame anything or anyone (not even yourself) and just focus on the incident resolving itself."
Lili Cosic, Sr. Software Engineer, Hashicorp