‍(Incident Communication)

Streamline and automate incident communication workflows during incident response and post-incident analysis. Send important messages through email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to update stakeholders, straight from Blameless.
Screenshot from blameless software
Screenshot from blameless software

Automate Announcement and Reminder Triggers for Incident Communication

Set and forget! Configure automatic messages when the incident status, severity, or postmortem change state. Send reminders at custom intervals and also for specific stages of incident response. Create a comprehensive incident communication plan.

Centrally Manage, Customize, and Fine-Tune Communication Flows

Compose your messages in a rich text field. See a preview box so you know what recipients get. Receive report stats based on flow usage to further optimize your incident communication.

Customizable Incident Communication Templates

Create preset templates for common incident types or events, then modify them for specific situations. Know what to say for every incident and stakeholder group.

Target Recipients Across Multiple Message Providers

CommsFlow™ allows you to send messages across multiple channels — email, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. It’s easy to set up with incident communication templates and examples to customize and work from. Configure everything from all in one place.
Screenshot from blameless software