Welcome to Blameless SlackBot

The Blameless SlackBot allows you to manage an incident without everleaving Slack. See how to manage the integration and start new incidents in this video.

Video Transcript:


Hi, my name is Paul, and today we'll be going through an introduction of the Blameless Slack integration.

With the Slack integration, users can come into any channel that they would normally raise incidents in, and run /blamelessstartincident or just /blameless. Depending on which command is used, the Blameless bot will provide the user with available actions outside of an incident or simply the incident Slack modal where they can input the appropriate information to start an incident.

Once the incident is started, Blameless will automatically create a new Slack channel along with a Jira ticket or service now and a videoconferencing link. The incident channel is your dedicated space for triaging the incident and providing communication updates while capturing the pertinent details, which will later be added into the incident timeline.

The provided tasks that you see here can be customized to fit your existing process today in order to provide consistency in your response and guidance regardless of the responder's experience level in dealing with incidents. There are a number of actions that can be taken in order to do things such as capture incident data, create action items, and change the status to progress the incident forward as you can see here.

Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, please reach out to support@blameless.com.

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