Creating DevOps Insights with Incident Analytics

Learn from every incident to make your system stronger. Our insights highlight product areas that need the most attention, while breaking down process roadblocks.
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Incident Monitoring
Prepare for incidents with a codified workflow

Automatically collect data from every incident, and track it across times. Trends will jump out at you, teaching you the effectiveness of your policies.
Check out all the features of our Reliability Insights tool – automatically gathering and displaying your incident data.

Prebuilt templates
Start learning right out of the box

Blameless comes pre-loaded with dashboards that give you the foundations for insights. Get on top of the most crucial trends, like problematic service areas, right away.
See the value you can get from out-of-the-box dashboards!

Incident Analytics
Analyze your process to move faster

Does your DevOps workflow have bumps and stumbles? You aren’t alone! Smooth things out by tracking the timing of steps and spotting slowdowns.
What should a good DevOps workflow have? Learn more!

Incident Levels & Severity
Dig into outliers to avoid repeat disaster

Your biggest incidents require special attention. Blameless Reliability Insights will make them jump right off the charts. Then root out the causes and prevent recurrence with Incident Retrospective analysis.
See how retrospective data can help you dig into outliers

Configurable tagging
Use tagging to track what matters most

Every organization is unique, with unique priorities. Tagging incidents lets you track whatever matters: service area, integrated tools, customers affected, anything you need!
Why is good tagging so important?
Read this blog to find out!

Custom dashboards
Show what’s needed at a glance

Want a one-stop shop to check on your DevOps process? We got it. Put together the most relevant charts for each stakeholder on one convenient dashboard.
Watch this to see how to build a custom dashboard from the ground up.