Navigate Incident Management Like a Pro: MyFitnessPal's Sr. Director of Engineering Shares Insider Strategies with Lee Atchison
How much time are engineering teams spending on incidents?
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Using AI to Auto-Detect and Remediate Incidents

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Users of online apps demand 100% uptime and are intolerant of outages and the time it takes to resolve them. At the same time, the number of possible application failure modes in today’s cloud and microservice applications are exploding. This means:

  • It’s really hard to detect when something goes wrong
  • The entire incident resolution and remediation process requires too much human brute force, skill and intuition

This is where AI comes in. Unsupervised machine learning can be used on logs and metrics to auto-detect incidents and their root cause. This can be coupled with automated workflows that manage the resolution and remediation process and facilitate effortless postmortems and change management.

Watch this webinar to learn and see a demo of how AI can automate incidents from detection to remediation.

Using AI to Auto-Detect and Remediate Incidents