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Thought Leaders Panel: Resilience During Crises

resilience during a crisis

On Demand Panel

Check out this virtual panel where SRE thought leaders discuss resilience during a pandemic and how SREs can help their organizations adapt.

Social distancing, remote work, and turbulent times mean that sites and services are being pushed to their limits, as are the people responsible for keeping them up and running. It’s more important than ever to band together, and foster continuous learning and camaraderie.

The event is 40 minutes of roundtable discussion with industry thought leaders such as Liz Fong-Jones, Dave Rensin, and Alex Hidalgo, facilitated by Blameless’ Staff SRE Amy Tobey, and was followed by 20 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

This is a unique, open discussion of how we can help each other to stay resilient in times of unprecedented challenge.

Thought Leaders Panel: Resilience During Crises