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Incident Analytics

Analyze your DevOps data and share reliability insights with stakeholders. Everything is available at a glance. Use incident analytics dashboards to facilitate pattern identification and highlight outliers that need attention.
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How Blameless helps you resolve incidents

Search and parse through data in seconds

Run queries to slice and dice your goldmine of data across incidents, teams, learnings, and much more. Get a big picture overview of your site reliability, or dive deeper into specific services. Pull reliability data from your app and infrastructure monitoring tools including Prometheus, New Relic, Datadog, and Pingdom.
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Customize your default dashboard view with focused metrics

Create custom dashboards starting with common metrics on your reliability and hit the ground running with useful incident analytic insights.
Learn how to gain the most value from Reliability Insights
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Improve system reliability over time

Follow-up on action items from your retros and watch how your services perform against agreed service level objectives (SLOs). Enhance your analyses with trending context and time series visualizations.
Learn how to scale for reliability and trust
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Put the microscope on outliers with incident analytics

Your most impactful incidents will jump off the charts. Zoom in and analyze by studying related incident retrospectives and curating more contextual info. Incident analytics can keep your worst incidents from being repeat incidents.t
Check out examples of using metadata tags for enriched analytics
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Incident monitoring
Prepare for incidents with a codified workflow

Automatically collect data from every incident, and track it across times. Trends will jump out at you, teaching you the effectiveness of your policies.t
Check out all the features of our Reliability Insights tool – automatically gathering and displaying your incident data.
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Prebuilt templates
Start learning right out of the box

Blameless comes pre-loaded with dashboards that give you the foundations for insights. Get on top of the most crucial trends, like problematic service areas, right away.
See the value you can get from out-of-the-box dashboards!
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Incident analytics
Analyze your process to move faster

Does your DevOps workflow have bumps and stumbles? You aren’t alone! Smooth things out by tracking the timing of steps and spotting slowdowns.
What should a good DevOps workflow have? Learn more!
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Incident levels & severity
Dig into outliers to avoid repeat disaster

Your biggest incidents require special attention. Blameless Reliability Insights will make them jump right off the charts. Then root out the causes and prevent recurrence with Incident Retrospective analysis.
See how retrospective data can help you dig into outliers
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Configurable tagging
Use tagging to track what matters most

Every organization is unique, with unique priorities. Tagging incidents lets you track whatever matters: service area, integrated tools, customers affected, anything you need!
Why is good tagging so important? Read this blog to find out!
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Custom dashboards
Show what’s needed at a glance

Want a one-stop shop to check on your DevOps process? We got it. Put together the most relevant charts for each stakeholder on one convenient dashboard.
Watch this to see how to build a custom dashboard from the ground up.
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What our customers say

Success STories
David Levinger  - Blameless Images
David Levinger
VP Cloud Optimization

We started using Blameless about a year ago, and transformative is the only way to describe it.

- David Levinger
VP Cloud Optimization
Stephen M. Dick - Blameless Images
Stephen M. Dick
VP Cloud Engineering

With the help of Blameless, BetterCloud can now accelerate business growth to the next level of scale.

- Stephen M. Dick
VP Cloud Engineering
John Shuping - Blameless Images
John Shuping
Director of SRE

Finding a platform that finally went beyond incident management into SLOs and error budgets drove the decision to choose Blameless.

- John Shuping
Director of SRE
John Solis - Blameless Images
John Solis
CTO & Co-founder

Blameless really helped us scale. A dedicated IM tool — when everyone knows the process — is key.

- John Solis
CTO & Co-founder
Ethan Cohen - Blameless Images
Ethan Cohen
Senior SRE Manager

With Blameless running the automation for incident management, our response to critical issues is now stronger than ever!

- Ethan Cohen
Senior sre manager

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The Blameless Platform combines automated incident response ChatOps, retrospectives, incident analytics, SLIs, SLOs, and error budgets in a single, open enterprise platform. Fully integrated with your engineering tool stack.