Blameless is with you on your journey to resilience

Eventbrite mitigates risk by
improving MTTA by 10X

Eventbrite replaced internally-built tooling that took focus away from core competencies by partnering with Blameless to roll out a scalable process for orchestrating reliability efforts.
“Before Blameless it would take 5-10 minutes to get the right people on an incident. Now it’s as fast as 1 minute.”
John Shuping
Director of Site Reliability Engineering

F500 Retailer Shaves Off Multiple Hours of Labor Per Incident and Report

This engineering team implemented a reliability solution with integrated bots, reporting, and more which would have otherwise required a team of full-time employees to build and maintain.
“With Blameless we now save 30-60 min per incident, and 1-2 hours per postmortem.”
F500 Retailer
Director of Site Reliability Engineering

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As more organizations are reporting that their responsibilities for production performance are “shifting left” ... Blameless is well positioned to be one of the key vendors in this emerging market.

Whenever an SLO is breached, is nearly breached or the breach is imminent, teams must perform blameless root cause analysis. The goal is ... to identify the cause and reduce the probability and/or impact of future recurrence.

Blameless surfaces insights to help teams align on software investments with respect to their impact on customer outcomes, and operationalize site reliability engineering (SRE) best practices.