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Blameless Changelog

New Dynamic Bookmarks in Slack

September 12, 2023

New Feature Release

New Dynamic Bookmarks in Slack

At Blameless, one of our on-going missions is to maximize the productivity of your incident responders collaborating on incidents via Slack. 

As additional areas of expertise become necessary, and new team members join the investigation, these new players need to quickly assess the urgency and importance of the issue at stake.

Now with NEW Dynamic Bookmarks, automatically added to each new incident channel, incident responders are provided fast access to vital incident information at any time during the investigation. Dynamic Bookmarks are a welcome complement to the incident summary, displayed at the top of the incident channel and on-demand using the `/blameless show incident` command.

Blameless' dynamic bookmarks

From the very start of an incident, Blameless automatically adds the following key bookmarks to each incident channel in Slack:

  • Severity: one of your custom severity labels
  • Status: Investigating, Identified, Monitoring or Resolved
  • Required tasks: 1/5 - dynamically updated as required tasks are completed per incident status (not across all statuses)
  • Incident - Link to the incident detailed page on your Blameless account
  • Retrospective - Link to the retrospective detailed page on your Blameless account
  • Join Meeting - Link to the video conference

Required Tasks count is particularly powerful as it tracks the completion of steps necessary to progress the incident forward and can serve as a clear indicator of the team’s progress. This is an excellent reminder to task owners and incident leaders to complete the required tasks as soon as possible.

Immediate call to action

To benefit from this new feature enhancement in Slack, ask your Blameless administrator to re-authorize the Slack bot in Blameless at your earliest convenience.