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Blameless Changelog

Capturing follow up actions in Blameless is easier than ever!

Anything you learn from past incidents and through retrospectives eventually results in some form of action that your organization wants to take to prevent similar incidents from recurring, whether it is about improving processes, software stacks, or professional skills, just to name a few. To make it easier to capture and assign such action items via the Blameless web UI, we have streamlined the process of creating follow up actions and linking them to the appropriate external ticketing system of your choice.

When creating a follow up action via the Blameless web UI, you now have the following options, which can be used concurrently for as many follow up actions as you need to create per incident:

  • Created in Blameless, with the option to link the follow up action to an existing ticket from any external third party ticketing systems (e.g. Github issue, Linear, Shortcut, etc)
  • Created in Blameless and integrated with Jira in the following 2 ways:
  • Linking it to an existing Jira ticket, automatically importing the Jira ticket summary as the title of the follow up action.
  • Linked to a Jira ticket created by Blameless, mapping data from the Blameless incident to required Jira ticket fields, which is customizable per incident type.

To benefit from the option to integrate your follow up actions with Jira, you first need to integrate your Blameless instance with your Jira account, otherwise this option will remain hidden to not confuse users.

Follow up actions are now created using the exact same workflow from a single “Add Action” button, whether from the Follow Up Actions tab under the incident detailed page or from the corresponding retrospective detailed page under the Overview tab. Both provide access to the same list of follow up actions, whether linked to an external ticket or to a Jira ticket or without linking it.

Starting now, we are inviting you to create your next follow up action via the Blameless web UI, and contact your Blameless administrator to enable the integration of your Blameless instance with Jira if not already integrated. 

Next, stay tuned for more great news about which next ticketing system Blameless is going to integrate follow up actions with very soon!

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