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Blameless Changelog

Enhancing your Experience: Latest Product Updates

March 7, 2024

The team here is hard at work expanding Blameless, adding new, powerful features and integrations to help transform how engineering teams approach incident management. But every now and then, we take a step back from all that innovation to focus on the little details. Here, we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to make sure you have a fantastic experience using Blameless every day. So here’s an update coming out of our recent bug smash where we tackled the backlog of feature enhancements you’ve been asking for. Usability improvements, UX tweaks, feature upgrades, we’ve got it all here for you. Enjoy!

🛠️Improved Task Creation in Blameless Create Task Modal in the UI

In our latest update, we've streamlined this task-creation process by removing the option to select a status when creating a new task. This helps users focus on task creation by eliminating the redundancy of having to select a “status” for the task when one can already be inferred by Blameless. This optimizes workflow efficiency and ensures that tasks are consistently assigned with the appropriate status, ultimately fostering improved team collaboration and overall productivity. 

🔒 Enhanced Reliability Insights: DashboardReader Permissions

We’ve made some interesting enhancements to Reliability Insights that make it easier for your teammates to access the custom dashboards you create. We’ve given members of your team with the “DashboardReader” role read access to custom dashboards. This allows DashboardReader role holders to seamlessly access and glean insights from custom dashboards, empowering them to make informed decisions and contribute meaningfully to their teams' objectives. This change has the power to amplify the utility and relevance of all the dashboards you create while ensuring that every user on your team has the tools they need to thrive in their role. 

🔍Improved Timeline Display: Seamless Time Zone Synchronization!

We've addressed a common issue affecting timeline clarity and efficiency. With our latest timeline enhancement, all events are accurately displayed according to the chosen user's time zone. This eliminates any ambiguity around the timeline of critical events and makes collaborating during the post-incident retrospective process even easier.

🚀 Exciting Update: Enhanced Incident Type Auto Invite Functionality!

We're thrilled to unveil a powerful enhancement to our Incident Type Auto Invite Users feature. Previously, users encountered difficulty distinguishing between Slack users with identical display names when selecting auto-invites for incident channels. We've improved this process by adding an additional field for user distinction. Now, you can effortlessly identify and invite the right team members, ensuring swift and effective incident response every time. This enhancement not only streamlines collaboration but also reinforces our commitment to providing intuitive solutions tailored to your needs. 

🌟 New Feature Alert: Enhanced Retrospective Reminders!

We've made some big updates to our Retrospective tool by enhancing the Reminders feature. We’ve given users the power to exclude weekends and US Holidays from their retrospective reminders, ensuring that teams only get notified when they are working. This is a really important step forward in helping teams avoid engineering burnout by eliminating unwanted notifications to your team on their days off.