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Blameless Changelog

Enhanced Opsgenie Integration

January 15, 2023

Feature Release


Enhanced Opsgenie Integration

Blameless is providing a more comprehensive integration with Opsgenie for alert management. This makes it easier to recruit any teams defined in Opsgenie into a Blameless incident:

  • Integrates with all services and teams defined in Opsgenie (service catalog and team directory)
  • The user can manually trigger Opsgenie alerts by selecting Opsgenie services or teams from within the Blameless incident channel in Slack (`/blameless trigger alert`) and Microsoft Teams (On-Call > Trigger Alert)
  • The user can automate Opsgenie alerts when starting incidents by preselecting services per incident type
  • The user can clear alert confirmation responses inside the incident channel (Slack/Teams) displaying the name of the notified on-call responders
  • Track all triggered alerts as an event in the incident timeline, with link to the alert, team or service in Opsgenie, providing clear context about what happened when, for the retrospective report and downstream analysis


Self guided Tutorial

The Blameless Slack self guided tutorial allows new users the chance to "kick the tires".

These users include incident responders, site reliability engineers, those who are evaluating Blameless for the first time through our self-sign up trial program, and also new users within an organization already using Blameless.

The tutorial allows them to learn in a few guided steps how simple it is to start and run an incident using Blameless.

The Self-guided Slack tutorial gives the user instructions in how to:

  • Choose the Severity, based on a suggested level
  • Enter a title--something that makes sense in their environment
  • Provide a description (optional)

When you launch the `blamelessbot` app, you will see an invitation to try out the tutorial. Simply click on the "Start Tutorial" button to begin.

The tutorial creates a sample channel, then walks the user through a series of five steps to:

  • Invite team members
  • Assign roles to the team
  • Update the Incident status
  • Report the incident to the team and shareholders

And that's it in just a few minutes; you have learned how to start a Blameless incident in Slack, invite team members, set the incident status, and communicate details to the team and stakeholders. Once complete, the tutorial invites you to learn more capabilities Blameless has to offer.