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Technology Innovation Snapshot: How Blameless Accelerates Team Performance


In Digital Enterprise Journal’s March Edition of its Technology Innovation Snapshot, Blameless was listed among 11 other companies as promising vendors. Blameless is honored to be alongside companies such as Gremlin, Catchpoint, and Moogsoft, and excited about the future DEJ sees for the SRE space.

DEJ author Bojan Simic writes “As more organizations are reporting that their responsibilities for production performance are ‘shifting left’ and are looking to provide SRE, DevOps and engineering teams with capabilities for ensuring the delivery of better code faster, but with higher reliability, Blameless is well positioned to be one of the key vendors in this emerging market.”

DEJ research also points to an increased need for DevOps teams to contribute positively to business value as well as increase customer satisfaction rates. With the added pressure on teams to produce, more and more organizations are turning to SRE for help. As Bojan points out, research shows a “3.3x increase in SRE adoption since 2017.” And DEJ isn’t the only journal to cite SRE adoption on a large scale.

In Gartner’s article “DevOps Teams Must Use SRE to Maximize Customer Value,” surveyed organizations reported that 41% had already implemented SRE on some level, and another 42% stated they planned to implement SRE by the end of 2020. While some companies may be interested in hiring for SRE roles to satisfy this need, it’s likely that a shortage of available talent will stunt their searches. Instead, organizations will need to focus on adopting best practices.

In Björn Rabenstein’s SREcon EMEA 2019 presentation “SRE in the Third Age”, Björn posits that SRE is entering a new era, one where everyone will need to be an SRE and adopt best practices in order to successfully reap the benefits of increased reliability, fewer incidents, and higher customer satisfaction rates. This requires transforming the way your organization thinks about reliability and production readiness to support breakthrough innovation, as well as fostering a culture of continuous learning.

To learn more about SRE adoption and how Blameless can help your organization embark on this journey, consider checking out these resources below:

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