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Survivor Season 41, Bay Area


Blameless is excited to announce its sponsorship of Survivor Season 41: Silicon Valley. In this season of Survivor, players will hold nothing back! It’s a season that will shock everyone, even Jeff Probst himself.

Survivor April Fool's Day Tweet

Survivor season 41 will feature an age-old conflict: Developers vs Operations! DevOps is a thing of the past, as throwing things over the wall and playing the blame game is back in vogue. Now these two teams will need to rely solely on their own areas of expertise to solve incidents, keep services running, while still attempting to innovate faster than ever before!

If these teams fail to make their mark, they will be up for elimination! Will your favorite Developer or Operations member be forced to leave the Bay early, or will they take home the $1 million dollar prize? You’ll need to wait and see.

One lucky engineer will have an immediate leg-up; if they win the first challenge, they’ll get a special toolbox to use for the rest of the season. This tool box will give them superpowers from tools like Blameless, Slack, Zoom, and more! But will it be enough?

The game has changed.In season 41, Bay Area, there will be no immunity! Yes, you heard that right. No immunity. After all, even the best of the best are still prone to incidents. To come out on top, players will need to be  cunning, adaptable, and resilient to make it through the most grueling challenges Survivor has seen yet.

Here are some sneak peeks into what the competition has to say:

  • “I’ve got this in the bag, no question,” says contestant Jonathan Chase, 24. “Survival is about reliability, and no one’s more reliable than me. Any given day, I’ve got like, six or seven nines, maybe even a ten.”
  • “I’m an advocate of chaos engineering,” says contestant Brain Curtis, 30. “So, I think at some point, I’ll burn down our camp. That way we’ll be ready if the camp ever burns down.”
  • “I’m actually planning on staying in the Valley after the show, so I really need to win,” says contest Patricia Witkowski, 31. “A million dollars would almost cover a whole year’s rent!”

The tribe has spoken. Don’t miss the season premiere of Survivor: Silicon Valley edition on CBS, coming to you on April 1st.

*Disclaimer: This is an April Fool’s joke. All names, Tweets, and quotes are fictional.

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