SREview Issue #3 July 2020

Here’s the July issue of SREview! This monthly zine features epic Tweets, content, and events happening in the SRE and resilience engineering community.

Tweets that have us twittering


A Doctor Confronts Medical Errors — And Flaws In The System That Create Mistakes: Dr. Danielle Ofri discusses how flaws in the system breed medical mistakes.

SLO Adoption at Twitter: Twitter team talks about investing in centralized tooling to measure, track, and visualize SLOs and error budgets.

A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day at Slack: find out exactly what happened May 12, 2020 during Slack’s outage.

Top Practices for Runbook Automation: take a look at five best practices for getting the most out of runbook automation..

Improving Incident Retrospectives at Indeed: Indeed SRE Alex Elman writes about what how to renew interest in routine incident retrospectives.

Blameless' SRE Journey: read how Blameless operationalized SRE by treating ourselves as customer zero, empowering on-call, and more.

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Upcoming events

Modern Metrics for Operations, taking place today July 21, 10AM PST: We’ll walk through top SRE metrics to gain insights into operations health.

SRE from home hosted by Catchpoint July 23, 9 AM PST: SRE from Home will explore how Site Reliability Engineers are adapting to all-remote operations and what we can learn from each other.

Webinar: How SLOs Enable Fast, Reliable Application Delivery hosted by August 6, 10 AM PST: learn how adopting a collaborative approach to implementing service level objectives (SLOs) gives software teams a shared language to focus engineering efforts.

Dash 2020 hosted by DataDog August 11, 8 AM PST: an annual conference about building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams.

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