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SREview Issue #16 August 2021

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August 2021 Edition

We’re kicking off August with some thrilling news: Blameless has closed a $30M Series B fund raise! Learn more about how we’re entering the next phase of our journey to advance reliability for engineering teams here. We’re so grateful to our customers, collaborators, and the entire SRE community for their support!

Let’s dive in with our favorite content for the month!

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Tweets that have us twittering


Blameless raises $30M to guide companies through their software lifecycle Of course we’d want to share this :) TechCrunch explains how we’re leading the charge in the reliability revolution.

When You Do DevSecOps, Don’t Forget the SREs Security teams can often find themselves siloed away from the rest of development. See how SRE can help align goals and share learning to make your system more secure and reliable.

What’s allowed to count as a cause? In incident retrospectives, blamelessly uncovering factors that lead to the incident is valuable. But what is really the cause? Lorin Hochstein explores the complexities of this question.

A Guide to Understanding Observability & Monitoring in SRE Practices Data is the heart of decision making in SRE, and monitoring is the bloodstream. Here’s our guide to the best practices in setting up your monitoring system.

The Incident Review: 4 Incidents in Outer Space Failure is inevitable, all over the world - and beyond. JJ Tang looks at how four incidents beyond the atmosphere were resolved.

Give it a whirl - MS Team Video

Our integration with MS Teams has been further enhanced with video support! When you use Blameless or MS Teams to create a new incident, Blameless will generate an MS Teams video conference link. Any incident responders can hop into the link to collaborate from the start to the end of the incident.


August 17th or 31st 8:00am PDT

Blameless Bi-Weekly Demo

Check out a live demo of Blameless. Plus, get a sneak peek of something new we’ve been working on.

September 16, 2021

Performance Engineering and DevOps

Blameless will be sponsoring this one day virtual event. CMG Virtual Conferences are free to registrants so come join us and visit the blameless booth!

September 30, 2021

Conf42: Site Reliability Engineering 2021

Join the Blameless at Conf42 quality tech community conference to learn about how to build solid systems to defend against intergalactic invaders.