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SREview Issue #15 July 2021


July 2021 Edition

Hoping you're headed towards a fun summer season! Stay reliably cool with the latest from the world of SRE. This newsletter shares industry content and an exciting Blameless product announcement. Find our fave tweets and events in the SRE community.

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Tweets that have us twittering





Top 7 Open Source AIOps Tools: AIOps is the practice of using AI to help manage IT operations. Learn about the potential of this growing field by checking out these tools.

Elephant in the Blameless War Room: Accountability: Blamelessness is a pillar of SRE thought, but how do you uphold this ideal when someone demands blame? Learn how to empathize with blameful people and how to do accountability right.

The SRE Incident Response Game: Want to practice your incident response procedures and have a little fun? Bruce Dominguez breaks down how to play his incident response game.

r/WallStreetBets Incident Anthology: Reddit’s Open Systems: The explosion of trading resulting from reddit’s /r/WallStreetBets was an unprecedented financial event. It also caused unprecedented infrastructure challenges for reddit. See how they responded in this article.

Complete Guide to Service Level Objectives (SLOs) That Work: Want the 101 (and the 102, 201, and more) on SLOs? Our guide will get you up to speed.

Incident writeup as sociological storytelling: Lorin Hochstein presents a new perspective on incident writeups: your goal is to describe the context so that readers understand why the responders made the choices they did.

Give it a whirl - SLOs Just Got Better

New! Updates to our newly released SLO capabilities. Error Budgets! Get more control and flexibility with notifications and alerts. You decide when you’re alerted as budget thresholds change. Also we support:

  • Native integration with New Relic’s APM
  • Tracking all NR metrics
  • New Relic Query Language support
  • Historical data ingest so you’re always up-to-date on SLIs.


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