Navigate Incident Management Like a Pro: MyFitnessPal's Sr. Director of Engineering Shares Insider Strategies with Lee Atchison
How much time are engineering teams spending on incidents?
Are you trying to set your engineering team free to do their best work? Read our new case study to learn how Blameless can help you do that.

SREview Issue #14 June 2021

Hoping you're headed towards a fun summer season and some time without masks. Let's avoid a new kind of tan-line! This newsletter shares useful industry content and an exciting Blameless product announcement. Find our fave tweets and events in the SRE and resilience engineering community.

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Tweets that have us twittering


Four steps to jumpstarting your SRE practice: Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in an organization needs to get leadership on board. So, let’s assume that you’ve  gone ahead and done that. Now what?

What’s the Relationship between SRE and DevOps?  DevOps and SRE are a “marriage made in heaven”, complementary to each other, and in no way does SRE replace DevOps.

The 7 SRE Principles [And How to Put Them Into Practice] Whether you're just adopting SRE or optimizing your current processes, we can help. We explain the 7 key principles of SRE and how to put them into practice.

SRE Cultural Values - Microsoft Azure's SRE team recently established a set of cultural values that they hold each other accountable to. Check them out. 

Error Budgets Explained (And How to Make One for Your Team) - In complex systems, failures are inevitable. Error budgets normalize failure as a part of the development process. Learn more in this intro blog post.

Virtual Relating – How we can embody, deepen and make our video calls more alive and sustainable: Zoom meetings fill the nine-to-five workday. What effect does this have on us?

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Are you a Microsoft Teams shop? Blameless has you covered!

We have an exciting announcement. Blameless is providing early access to our MS Teams integration. SRE and engineering teams can now resolve incidents faster without leaving the comfort of their favorite messaging tool. 

With the Blameless incident resolution product, Microsoft Teams users can now reduce toil in routine incident response processes through automation, codify processes with checklists, and craft retrospectives with the ‘add to timeline’ command. From the moment the incident commander starts an incident, they can immediately rally all the appropriate subject matter experts and work to resolve the incident faster.

Ready to see Microsoft Teams in action?

We’re currently seeking design partners to help make your MS Teams experience even better. If you’re interested in trying out our MS Teams integration for yourself, fill out this form!


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