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SREview Issue #1 May 2020

Welcome to the SREview! This zine will feature epic Tweets, content, and events happening in the SRE and resilience engineering community throughout the month.

Tweets that have us twittering


  • Site Reliability Engineers: Living Under High Pressure: Catchpoint’s Nithyanand Mehta writes about how to help SREs focus on the highest-impact efforts.
  • Encouraging a Culture of Written Communication: This blog post written by Maarten Claes emphasizes the importance of good written communication and tips on achieving it. 
  • Resilience in Action, E2: Adaptability, ego, and scaling with Tim Banks: In this episode, Amy chats with Tim Banks on the importance of adaptability and how that manifests in the roles of chef, martial artist, and engineer; how ego can cause teams to pivot too slowly; and what organizations can do right now to help with scaling in the face of uncertainty.
  • Managing Burnout During COVID-19: During this crisis, burnout is occurring at an alarming rate with people unable to separate home from work, the increased burden of keeping everything on and heightened on-call loads, and the strain on communication. Here’s how to keep yourself and your team from burning out.
  • Why you can’t just ask “why”: Netflix’s Lorin Hochstein writes about the problem of asking “why” when interviewing post-incident, as people are often prone to confabulate when they cannot explain their own actions. 

What we’ve been building

As Service Level Objectives (SLOs) provide an anchor for reliability targets and corresponding decisions, they are the foundational step toward helping teams truly adopt SRE best practices. We are very excited to announce our new SLO platform , giving teams a shared language on how to focus their engineering efforts. 

Read more in our blogpost

Catch us NOT outside

  • Irreverent DevOps June 2, 6 PM PST: Irreverent DevOps Party Games takes the idea of "online party games" and tilts it on its head by adding DevOps-inspired content to existing games, and then streams it live via Twitch.
  • Google Cloud OnAir June 3, 9AM PST: Learn how Blameless is cultivating a culture of site reliability in this interview with Blameless CEO, Ashar Rizqi.
  • SRE from home hosted by Catchpoint June 5, 11 AM- PST: SRE from Home will explore how Site Reliability Engineers are adapting to all-remote operations and what we can learn from each other.
  • SLO Workshop hosted by Blameless June 10, 10 AM PST: Learn how SLOs can help you prioritize reliability, empower innovation, and understand your customers’ needs better with this workshop hosted by CEO Ashar Rizqi and Staff Software Engineer Dyllen Owens.
  • INS1GHTS2020 hosted by NS1 June 11: A one-day digital gathering of industry leaders in NetOps, DevOps, and application delivery for candid conversations and presentations on navigating the present and building the future.
  • SKILup Days hosted by DevOps Institute June 18, 9 AM - 3 PM  PST: This Virtual SKILup Day will feature “how-to” sessions from top SRE experts and feature an exhibit hall, networking lounge, resource library, wellness videos, and a scavenger hunt.

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