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Introducing the brand new Blameless dashboard

Hi Blameless Users, We are excited to announce the first official release of Blameless Dashboard! Our first dashboard will help you get an overview of key metrics for your organization's reliability health. With the brand new dashboard, users can:

  • Quickly determine postmortem and actions items that need attention
  • Identify most common impacted services, products, and customers, as well as most common contributing factors leading to incidents
  • Get an overview of timing metrics related to incident identification, time to take action and resolution
  • Understand incident trends by week

Dashboard overview

Aside from a polished and visually pleasing experience, our main reliability dashboard is focussed on delivering tactical valuable. With a focus on the critical information that organizations need to prioritize their weekly efforts, our dashboard will help you make sure that urgent reliability issues are taken care of.

Here are the different dashboard sections and what value you should expect to receive from them:

A quick glance into Postmortems and actions that require immediate attention.

Postmortem and follow up action counts

Products, services, and customers most at risk, as well as most common contributing factors.

Most important action items and postmortems that remain open. Sort these by the severity of their original incident or time since the last update!

Incident counts by week, broken down by the severity of the incident.

Average timing metrics, giving you an idea of your team's performance during outages and letting you find what the most common bottlenecks exist.

All this information is captured automatically by our incident management bot, as well as the learning workflow you use to go through postmortems, so getting valuable information into our dashboard will require no additional effort other than using Blameless for managing your organization's incidents and postmortems.

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