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Announcing our new integration with GoToMeeting

Claudia Wibowo

Communication during incidents is critical. With the rise of remote work, war rooms are no longer the central hub for all incident communication. Instead, we’re adapting to these new challenges and embracing video conferencing and messaging software in order to stay in tight lock-step with our teammates and collaborators. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that Blameless is adding a new way for you to communicate even faster and more effectively.

In addition to Zoom, Slack and Google Hangouts, Blameless has released a new integration with GoToMeeting to further extend our collaboration capabilities. GoToMeeting is an online meeting and video conferencing software that allows real time meetings with clients, customers, or coworkers. With this integration, customers can automatically spin up a GoToMeeting link within the Blameless Slack incident channel.

Enhanced video conferencing capabilities

  • Our slackbot immediately spins up a GoToMeeting room with each incident, decreasing the manual toil of initiating conversations
  • You have the ability to add incident participants to your team, automatically giving them access to your communication hub

If you’re interested in our GoToMeeting integration or have any questions, please contact our team at support@blameless.com or try Blameless today.

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