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With the current crisis, it can be difficult to envision the future for NetOps, DevOps, and application delivery. Will this unprecedented demand for always-on services continue to grow? Will distributed teams become the norm? It’s impossible to know, but important to consider.

That’s why Blameless is so excited to sponsor INS1GHTS2020. This one-day digital gathering of industry leaders in NetOps, DevOps, and application delivery provides the (virtual) space for candid conversations and presentations on navigating the present and building the infrastructure that will power the future.

Join us for a day of learning, collaboration, and community building featuring awesome speakers such as:

  • Kris Beevers, CEO, and Jonathan Sullivan, CTO of NS1
  • Chris Riley, DevOps Advocate at Splunk
  • Liz Fong-Jones, Developer Advocate at Honeycomb
  • Jason Yee, Director of Advocacy at Gremlin
  • Liran Haimovitch, Co-Founder and CTO at Rookout
  • And many others!

Blameless will also be doing a giveaway for an awesome prize that you won’t want to miss out on! Additionally, we’ll be taking over the conference slack channel and chatting about all things reliability, so come chat with us.
All registrants are also automatically entered to win Apple AirPods courtesy of NS1. Register here, and we’ll see you for INS1GHTS2020.

"I have less anxiety being on-call now. It’s great knowing comms, tasks, etc. are pre-configured in Blameless. Just the fact that I know there’s an automated process, roles are clear, I just need to follow the instructions and I’m covered. That’s very helpful."
Jean Clermont, Sr. Program Manager, Flatiron
"I love the Blameless product name. When you have an incident, "Blameless" serves as a great reminder to not blame anything or anyone (not even yourself) and just focus on the incident resolving itself."
Lili Cosic, Sr. Software Engineer, Hashicorp
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