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How The Experts Build Reliable Cloud Apps

Emily Arnott

We're excited to present a free O'Reilly report written by SRE experts from Google: Building Reliable Services on the Cloud. This eBook will guide you through every step of your journey to reliability excellence on the cloud.

Cover of Building Reliable Services on the Cloud

We live in the cloud era, where your services don’t live in machines in your garage, but are spread across huge data centers around the world. Cloud providers can help meet increasing demands for reliability – for example, they offer dynamic resource allocation that can handle usage spikes. At the same time, going cloud native means not having a physical server onsite that you can fiddle with, introducing its own unique challenges.

Google has designed, built, and operated reliable services on the cloud for decades. In this report, you’ll learn how to build similarly reliable services as a software engineer, site reliability engineer, or cloud engineer.

To help organizations of all sizes meet these challenges and rise to these opportunities, reliability experts put together a book about their personal experience building and scaling cloud applications together during their tenure at Google. We teamed up with O’Reilly to package and distribute this book for free!  Whether you just started building a new cloud-native service, you’re migrating to a cloud architecture, or you want to improve existing cloud services, reliability should be your top priority.

Building Reliable Services on the Cloud can help you meet the reliability demands of an increasingly competitive market. Learn how to:

  • Identify the metrics that reflect the health of your system
  • Set up objectives that ensure user satisfaction
  • Understand the dependencies of your architecture to be more resilient
  • Find and proactively avoid causes of failure, like overloading or data corruption
  • And much more!

For decades, Google has led the wave of Site Reliability Engineering and cloud-native development. Who better to learn from when trying to make your cloud services reliable? Learn from their years of experience by downloading the free report here!

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