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Summary of Bridging the Gap: DevOps to SRE

Emily Arnott

SRE is important and becoming more essential as software becomes a ubiquitous part of our life. Business leaders recognize this but fear they lack the resources to properly adopt SRE. Even large companies with mature DevOps functions experience headwinds.

It’s possible teams are intimidated at the idea of learning SRE for the first time, especially with a pressure to live up to titans like Google or Netflix. They want to aim just as high. It’s also possible teams think they’ll have to disrupt or completely uproot their existing DevOps functions, thinking it’s not easy to start over. Or, as an individual engineer, you might simply be overwhelmed by SRE jargon and new methodologies. For every situation, how do we as SRE leaders meet people where they are and educate on SRE?

We recognize the roadblocks orgs are facing when it comes to adopting SRE, and the Blameless Team decided to extend a helping hand. We’re so excited to announce Bridging the Gap: DevOps to SRE, an eBook for teams that want to get started with SRE today! We set out to guide organizations of every size on their SRE journey, not just established companies with unlimited resources. In fact, the foundation of this book rests on the fact that DevOps teams already have resources in place that they can repurpose for SRE.

The book is packed with practical tips and fresh ideas that you can start implementing today, including:

  • Why review meetings are important (and how to get people to show up)
  • How to make incident response guides that save time and toil
  • How to know what really matters to users in a quantifiable way
  • Why pointing fingers when things go wrong is the worst way to make progress
  • The value of assigning roles with checklists in keeping everyone on track

You’ll discover how to apply SRE expertise to real life situations at your org. We truly believe every company can benefit from implementing SRE, and we want to show you how. Learn more by downloading the eBook here!

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