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Share highly customizable Blameless Retrospectives as ServiceNow Problems

Nicolas Philip

For many organizations, ServiceNow is a crucial platform to run and scale your organization across all departments. Many organizations’ engineering teams have been relying on ServiceNow Incident and Problem Management. Despite that, many have been experiencing a growing volume of incidents hindering their ability to scale not only their incident response but also their retrospective operations, potentially compromising their data governance and compliance requirements.

After the resolution of incidents through Blameless, which is tightly integrated with ServiceNow Incident management (Blameless app in the ServiceNow store), engineering teams can also leverage Blameless’ highly customizable integration of its Retrospective workflow with ServiceNow Problems. This allows them to deliver higher quality Retrospectives at a faster pace with all the mandatory data needed to measure, learn and improve your incident response operations, without compromising data governance and compliance.

With Blameless, the learning from retrospectives makes it easier and more effective to identify what needs to be improved to reduce the chance for similar incidents to occur again and reduce the time it takes to resolve incidents.

Key Features

To achieve this level of performance and excellence, Blameless provides the following key features:

  • Auto-creating a ServiceNow Problem for each Retrospective
  • Auto-saving customizable Retrospective data to Service Problems

Key Retrospective custom tab properties:

  • Activate and deactivate the custom tab
  • Customize the tab name
  • Display the custom tab in Retrospectives only matching a selected list of incident types
  • Customize the list of custom fields, with name and description
  • Pick one of the supported field types: Short-text, paragraph, dropdown (single choice) and Multiple choice.
  • Keep custom fields disabled until ready to be displayed and used in retrospectives 
  • Rename custom fields later at any time (requires users to refresh the retrospective page if open)
  • Synchronize each individual custom field to a ServiceNow Problem field

Now, to get intimately familiar with those features in just a few minutes, check the following step by step walkthrough demos:

Editing the Retrospective custom tab (Blameless administrator)

Capturing and auto-saving Retrospective data to ServiceNow Problem (Retrospective users)

Try these features yourself now on your Blameless instance:

  1. Integrate your ServiceNow instance to Blameless - Follow these instructions.
  2. Customize and activate your Retrospective custom tab using the custom tab editor - Go to the Custom Tab section under the Settings > Retrospectives.
  3. Start capturing compelling data in your activated custom tab in existing and new Retrospectives

If you do not yet have your own Blameless instance, start your trial instance now here.

With this tight and highly customizable integration of Blameless Retrospective with ServiceNow Problems, Engineering teams can produce more comprehensive and compelling Retrospectives in a timely manner leveraging incident data gathered automatically and through reviews conducted by users post incidents, while automatically keeping such valuable records in ServiceNow.

For more information visit Blameless' documentation:

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