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Blameless Is Awarded CIOReview Top 2020 DevOps Solution Provider

We're proud to announce that this week, we were selected by CIOReview as one of the Top 20 DevOps Solution Providers of 2020 alongside other innovators in the DevOps space such as Chef, Jfrog, Saltstack, Splunk, and Xebia Labs.

In the words of CIOreview: "DevOps establishes a perfect channel of collaboration and communication among IT and OT teams, allowing them to focus on critical aechitectures of business...This edition blends thought leadership from subject matter experts, CIOs and CXOs, with real-life stories on how DevOps-based workflows have enhanced their capabilities. We hope this issue of CIOreview helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology."

See below for the text of the full Blameless profile.

“With clear documentation, a single source of truth, and productive retrospectives, each incident becomes a learning experience.”

It has been over ten years and $3 bn in investments, but CIOs have not yet seen the promise of DevOps materialize to the fullest. According to the latest reports, 75 percent of DevOps initiatives through 2022 will fail to hit the mark due to issues around organizational learning and change. CIOs are challenged with increasing operational complexity, pressing needs around risk mitigation and compliance, the need to accelerate innovation, and a gap in hiring and retaining skilled talent. Their teams are dealing with immense tool sprawl and unprecedented complexity across the software lifecycle. This makes it difficult to understand insights, balance planned work (i.e. innovation or fixing tech debt) vs. unplanned work (i.e. incidents and fire drills), or know how to improve.

Enter Blameless!

By integrating with tools across the software lifecycle  (development, CI/CD, monitoring/observability, alerting/incident management, learning, and sprint planning), the company surfaces insights to help teams align on software investments with respect to their impact on customer outcomes, and operationalize site reliability engineering (SRE) best practices. Further, for the CIOs, Blameless delivers actionable reliability insights, SLOs, and error budget policies such that they can proactively focus and invest in their most critical customer journeys. All this is delivered through an end-to-end SRE platform, including capabilities such as role-based task automation, blameless postmortems, change orchestration, and more.

The Blameless platform automates data collection and eliminates the toil in surfacing the most insightful data such that teams are empowered to act on what matters most.

“With clear documentation, a single source of truth, and productive retrospectives, each incident becomes a learning experience, and that’s where the ‘blameless’ aspect kicks in to facilitate truly open and honest dialogue and trust which empowers accountability to look forward instead of backward,” says Ashar Rizqi, the CEO of Blameless.

In 2003, the SRE approach began to emerge  at some of the world’s most technologically advanced companies to help teams manage large scale/distributed systems by treating operations as a software problem. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing and in-demand roles in tech. By treating reliability as a first-class feature and investing in automation, teams can better meet commitments to customers while freeing up time for innovation. 

Blameless has been at the forefront of this trend and is currently offering the only enterprise-class SRE platform. Enterprise customers choose Blameless as they recognize the company’s emphasis on SRE culture, focus on customer satisfaction, and ease of use.

“Over our short stint, we have achieved multiple recognitions by key analysts, and strong funding based on product/company vision, network,” mentions Lyon Wong, the co-founder, and COO of Blameless.

Through its API-driven service catalog, SLOs to create shared focus and accountability, intelligent runbooks, as well as stickiness through chatbot, automated and collaborative postmortems, reliability insights, and change orchestration, the company has helped leading organizations operationalize key components of SRE theory.

For instance, Blameless has been instrumental in improving Eventbrite’s incident response time by 10x. Procore now facilitates better customer experiences, as Blameless as Blameless helps the team more effectively handle incident tasks. Under Armour now also saved multiple hours per incident and corresponding postmortem, through improved communication, standardization, and automation across the incident lifecycle.

Having carved a unique niche in the market, Blameless’ sales momentum already spans several F500 international/global customers, and continues to focus its investment on executing their product vision.

For the future, the company will be working to  increase the breadth and depth of integrations, expand its product portfolio, and offer customers reliability engineering and training services and help teams adopt SRE best practices in a faster and more efficient manner.

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