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Blameless is a Proud Sponsor of Gremlin's Failover Conf


In light of recent events, we’re seeing countless organizations enacting remote and social distancing policies. Events are being postponed and some have even been cancelled outright. While the situation can seem dire, it’s times like these that prove our resilience, and which create new opportunities for us to connect with others.

At Blameless, we've adapted to a remote work policy for the coming weeks, and are relying internally on Blameless and other SaaS platforms more than ever to improve our own resiliency and communication. We strongly believe in getting the most out of incidents/unforeseen circumstances as unplanned investments, and this circumstance is no different. While the switch to remote work and virtual events is difficult, we believe it’s a great way to expand the reach of resilience and reliability engineering and include new people in the conversation.

With this in mind, we’re so proud to be co-sponsoring Gremlin’s new virtual conference, Failover Conf. As Gremlin states, “We expected to gather together in person to share our knowledge and experiences when the unexpected happened. But we’re resilient. When one opportunity goes down, we create another. Join us online at Failover Conf to learn from the best and brightest in reliability and resilience engineering.”

The conference will be held on April 21 from 8am–4pm PDT (11am–7pm EDT, 5pm–1am CEST) and will feature 12 30-minute sessions.

Blameless is thrilled to take part in this virtual event, as it’s a chance to foster our community, learn, share, and grow together during a difficult time. We’re proud sponsors of Failover Conf, and hope that this opportunity excites you as much as it excites us.Please make sure you pre-register for this awesome virtual event, and take the time to tune in for our Staff SRE Amy Tobey’s talk on The Future of DevOps is Resilience Engineering!

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