Navigate Incident Management Like a Pro: MyFitnessPal's Sr. Director of Engineering Shares Insider Strategies with Lee Atchison
How much time are engineering teams spending on incidents?
Are you trying to set your engineering team free to do their best work? Read our new case study to learn how Blameless can help you do that.

Blameless at SREcon19 Americas

THE conference for SRE is just around the corner, and we hope you're able to join the Blameless team there in Brooklyn. We'll be at booth 15, located in the Promenade. Stop by to chat with us about SRE and how Blameless can take care of every step in your SRE process.

We're also excited to announce a joint networking event we'll be hosting with Hired the first night of SREcon. So RSVP here to come out and enjoy some food, drinks, and great conversation!

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