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See Blameless at PyCon and join the team for drinks and snack

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Blameless Community

PyCon is coming up quick, in 1 week to be exact! We hope you're able to swing by the booth or join the team for drinks and snacks in Cleveland. We'll be hanging out at booth 434 and would love to chat with you about SRE and how Blameless can take care of every step in your SRE process.

If you'd like to get to know us better, then join the team for drinks and appetizers at the unique and delicious restaurant Hodge's on May 4th, or if you'd like to apply for a position to work with Blameless and change the world through SRE, visit us at booth 23 at the PyCon job fair!

So RSVP here to come out and enjoy some food, drinks, and great conversation, or swing by the booths to say hi!

"I have less anxiety being on-call now. It’s great knowing comms, tasks, etc. are pre-configured in Blameless. Just the fact that I know there’s an automated process, roles are clear, I just need to follow the instructions and I’m covered. That’s very helpful."
Jean Clermont, Sr. Program Manager, Flatiron
"I love the Blameless product name. When you have an incident, "Blameless" serves as a great reminder to not blame anything or anyone (not even yourself) and just focus on the incident resolving itself."
Lili Cosic, Sr. Software Engineer, Hashicorp
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