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Blameless helps teams optimize the reliability of their systems while protecting innovation velocity. See what the right SRE tools and process can do for you.

We’re built for SREs, by SREs. By integrating with all your tools, Blameless becomes the control plane to create process consistency and shared context across the software lifecycle.

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reduction in critical (Sev0, Sev1) incidents

45+ hrs

saved per month on incident coordination alone


savings on unplanned work avoidance

Getting started with SRE

SRE defined: A sustainable model to support services at scale across tools, processes, and people
Observability & Monitoring
Dashboard & Analytics
Capacity Planing
Intent & Demand-Based Forcasting
Dynamic Provisioning
Change Management
Release Automation
Incident Response
On-Call Process
Postmortems & Learning
Culture & Process
Toil & Tech Debt
Alignment & Documentation
What SRE is NOT
Renaming sysadmins
Simply investing in tools

How do you achieve both scale and speed? 

Teams need tools must codify and democratize best practices across the software lifecycle. That’s where Blameless comes in.

Protect customers with service level objectives
With SLOs, you can make data-driven decisions around prioritization by creating a shared language across customers, dev, ops, and the business.
Automate guardrails and workflows
With our checklists, chatbot, and incident retrospective tool, you’ll be able to codify internal processes, increase on-call confidence, and solve incidents faster.
Foster a learning

By taking the toil out of post-incident learning and making it a collaborative experience, mitigate future issues and focus on knowledge sharing.
Accelerate production excellence with insights
Explore and analyze your DevOps data, and share insights with other stakeholders such as executives and customer success. Use this data to prioritize decision-making.
Time-to-value within minutes
With our out-of-the-box integrations with observability, collaboration, and other tools, you can get more out of your current and future tech stack.
"Finding a platform that finally went beyond incident management into SLOs and error budgets drove the decision to choose Blameless."
John Shuping, Director of SRE
"The improved coordination, follow-up tracking, and visibility help us … prevent [repetitive incidents] from happening again...We’ve been able to improve the stability of our platform."
Tenzin Wangdhen, Staff SRE
"I don't want to even think about life without Blameless. It would mean a lot of work to try and document all the processes, all the hand-holding, that Blameless sets up for us behind the scenes. It’s a part of our culture."
Rafael Fonseca, Engineering Manager

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