Conduct Blameless Retrospectives

True to the heart of SRE, we believe it's good practice to build and learn from post-incident retrospectives. Use Blameless to auto-populate incident data, write consistent reports, and share your learnings with others.
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Be Blameless!
If you’re pointing fingers, you’re losing out!

We don’t call it an incident post-mortem. Why discourage the heroes that keep your services running? The Blameless Retrospective includes out-of-the-box templates so you can build reliable reports across all incidents. Checkbox surveys in the Overview tab keep the data consistent. Then pair it with color commentary using a collaborative text editor in the Analysis tab.
Why don’t we call it a post-mortem? Learn more!

Share learning
Use retrospectives to circulate tribal knowledge

Collect your learnings and make it easy to share across the org. Export and share reports to managers and other stakeholders. Know if a retrospective is “In Review” or “Published” by simply checking the status. You can decide if a retrospective is “Not Required” for specific incident types or severity levels by updating your settings.
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Fix the right problems
Incidents can turn out to be unplanned investments in your engineering org

Take the next step of learning and growth by analyzing your retrospective data in Blameless Reliability Insights. Build a report that tracks the data reported in the Overview tab of your retrospective. The consistent data reporting allows you to spot trends over time, signaling to you when it might be time to take action.
See how retrospectives feed into Blameless Reliability Insights.

Lighten the load
Warning: You may start to enjoy writing retrospectives

Retrospectives are automatically linked in Blameless to its corresponding parent incident. This makes it easy to check back on the incident page for more context to inform your analysis. Blameless will already display the incident event timeline so that you don’t have to switch between tabs to visualize the story as you’re writing about it.
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Connect the dots
Manage follow up action items by integrating Blameless with your ticketing system

Create, assign, and keep track of tickets that result from an incident, all from within the retrospective. Blameless integrates with your ticketing solution so that you’re one click away from digging into the details of a particular task. It’s an efficient incident management ticketing system.
Watch here to see how you can manage Jira follow up tickets with Blameless.