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This is a community Slack channel open to SREs, other engineers, and anyone interested in reliability. You'll find opportunities for interesting discussion with your peers on everything SRE, including:

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  • Working through challenges together
  • Offering best practices for SRE processes
  • Exploring the future of SRE
  • And much more!

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Just read this article on the 3 pillars of good observability - how are things looking in your orgs?
We're getting there... we have a lot of data, now we have to use it lol
Anyone going to SREcon this year?
I'll be there - in fact, I'm speaking at it!
We just made our first proper SLI! 🎉

Emily Arnott

Hi everyone! I'm Emily, Community Relations Manager at Blameless where I share my insights on the latest in reliability and the world of SRE. You might catch me giving talks at SREcon or on tech blogs. If you want to read some things I've written you can check them out here!
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