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Resolve incidents faster from your favorite chat app. When you're done, analyze trends across incidents to illuminate common issues.
Get started with a modern incident management approach.
Resolve incidents faster and directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams.
Streamline Jira and/or ServiceNow incident ticketing workflows.
Continuously improve your incident workflows with Blameless Retrospectives.
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Automated Incident Response

Address incidents confidently as Blameless initiates task assignment, centralizing context, and capturing event data in real-time, so that you stay focused during critical moments.
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Resolve Incidents in a Single Location and Reduce Cognitive Load

For every new incident, Blameless manages checklists, runbooks, and configurations that set you up for success. The events timeline auto-syncs with commands from your comms tool. Eliminate context switching between logistics and incident resolution.
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Access Real-Time Data During Incidents and Save Relevant Data for Your Retrospectives

Whatever you use to capture performance analytics, Blameless surfaces the most important information for investigating an incident straight from your observability and monitoring tools, such as error logs, infrastructure data, and details on customer impact. It’s also easy to add context by attaching labels, text notes, and images to an incident.
Analyze incidents better with the right metrics
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Stick With Your Fave Tools and Let Blameless Coordinate in the Background

Blameless integrates with Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, Statuspage, JIRA, and other tools, interceding as a middleman assistant. One-line commands and emoji reactions in your comms tool trigger Blameless to update incidents automatically.
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Customers Say...

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Before Blameless it would take 5-10 minutes to get the right people on an incident. Now it’s as fast as 1 minute.
John Shuping, Director of Site Reliability Engineering
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