SRE Office Hours with Staff SRE Amy Tobey

With the recent uptick in remote work, the stress on infrastructure, and the increased demand for services to run nearly flawlessly, people in tech are under huge strain. Incidents are increasing in severity and frequency, and many organizations are beginning to feel overwhelmed. We need to come together as a community to ensure that we’re lending liferafts rather than adopting a sink-or-swim mentality.

To this end, Blameless Staff SRE Amy Tobey is lending her time to provide 1x1 consultations to help anyone in need get their head above water. Amy has been an SRE and DevOps practitioner since before those names existed. She cares deeply about her community of SREs and wants to take what she’s learned over the 20+ years of her career to help others.

Next week Amy will be hosting 1x1 meetings where she can assist anyone with issues pertaining but not limited to:

  • Large scale, high-severity incidents
  • On-call questions and concerns
  • Retrospective best practices
  • Complex systems troubleshooting
  • How to embrace resilience during this difficult time

To schedule a 1x1 with Amy, book your appointment here. Note that Amy’s open spots are limited, so first come first served! You do not have to be a customer or prospect to arrange a call with her. This is a no-strings attached lifeline to help those in our community with the extreme burden that our current crisis is putting on us.

For existing Blameless customers, we are also always here for you - reach out to us at if there’s anything we can help with.

Sending good thoughts your way,

The Blameless Team

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