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New Product Integration! Microsoft Teams Video

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Emily Arnott
Emily Arnott

New Product Integration! Microsoft Teams Video 

On the heels of our Microsoft Teams integration release to streamline incident management, we’re excited to share that we now support Microsoft Teams Video capabilities. We generate Microsoft Teams video conference links for each Blameless incident for fast and easy collaboration. Microsoft Teams Video joins Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting in our video integration suite.

If you’re an engineer on call or part of the SRE team, you can pick your favorite communication tool when running and managing an incident. You can also kick off a video conference to resolve as you go. No matter what incident you’re facing or what team is working, you’ll have the ideal communication tools to respond. 

We’re also happy to announce that we support hybrid Slack and Microsoft Teams Video solutions! We know that some teams like Slack for chats, and Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, so we’ve accomodated that too. However, you can only use one video conference tool at a time for each incident. Otherwise it could get pretty confusing!

How Does This Help My Incident Communication?

When something goes wrong and you need to collaborate, you’ll start by creating a Blameless incident directly from Microsoft Teams through our chatbot. You’ll just need to have the chatbot installed and enabled for that team.

Blameless automatically creates a dedicated incident channel which any team member can join. With this update, Blameless will also create a video conference link that lets anyone jump in and discuss.

The video conference allows for synchronous communications during the entire end-to-end process. The same link will work the whole time, making it easy to keep in touch.

As with any incident process, Blameless captures all the touch-points and communication threads automatically, creating a retrospective which can be used or modified post-incident. 

If the incident requires escalation, you can integrate your PagerDuty alerts into Microsoft Teams through Blameless to alert more quickly. Everything will be captured inside Blameless to create a fully integrated process and playbook. 

Integration setup is quick and easy:

Setting up the integration is simple:

  1. Go to Settings, select Video Conferencing under Integrations, Manage, Open 
  2. Link your admin account (via Azure) and you’re good to go

For more info on our MS Teams integration, check out our documentation here.

If you’re interested in seeing our platform in action, sign up for a demo!

"I have less anxiety being on-call now. It’s great knowing comms, tasks, etc. are pre-configured in Blameless. Just the fact that I know there’s an automated process, roles are clear, I just need to follow the instructions and I’m covered. That’s very helpful."
Jean Clermont, Sr. Program Manager, Flatiron
"I love the Blameless product name. When you have an incident, "Blameless" serves as a great reminder to not blame anything or anyone (not even yourself) and just focus on the incident resolving itself."
Lili Cosic, Sr. Software Engineer, Hashicorp
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